Leather Backpacks

Having a decent bag that goes with fashion and wardrobe is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity because bags are often considered as one of the important accessories in today’s world. Thus, Haans presents you the stunningly wide range of bags that are flawlessly good enough right from the commute to the celebration.


Types of Leather Bags You Should Know:

# Tote Bag: Available from medium to large bags with two straps appropriate for shopping.

# Clutch: Do you know why is it called the clutch? You gotta clutch it and hence the name. Woohoo! A clutch is more like a small handheld bag that can be carried by hand or tucked under the arm. These ladies leather bags fo with all kinds of outfits irrespective of the color and design.

# Backpack: A bag that is supported by the shoulders with double handles and lies across the back.

# Beach Bag: The perfect bag for your perfect holiday. You can carry personal items such as suntan lotion, bathing suit, and towel.

# Messenger Bag: Yes! These kinds of leather bags for women do exist. It is also a roomy bag with a strap that lies across the body and winds around the chest.

# Cosmetic Bag: Optimal for all the “makeup” girls out there

# Athletic Bag: Could also be called as the sports bag. It is a soft, comfy, and roomy bag to carry on all the sporting equipment and go-to bag for the gym too.


How to choose the right leather bag for you?

All the leather bags manufactured are not equal? They all look elegant, sophisticated, and polished. Isn’t it?

Unfortunately, hell no!

All the leather bags are not the same. While buying a bag, you need to check its longevity, strength, quality, style, color, functionality, and much more. Ping us right away for a demonstration.